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Close to ten years being a Graphic Designer. My first love, passion, dream, but in 2017, I started experimenting with adding metallic foils to stationery, by hand. Being a full time graphic designer meant sitting at a desk for most of the day, in front of a large screen (usually so large you couldn't see I was even behind it) and I started to miss creating and designing things with my hands.


I've always admired paper and found it so satisfying when receiving an invite, card, or stationery. So I began with handmade cards and developed my love for this by designing, printing and foiling. Wedding stationery was my new passion, alongside designing cards. It was everything I had missed doing during my day~to~day job. No one printed creative marketing materials anymore (press invitations, collection look books) and I could actually order paper, experiment, play with colours and of course, foil

EVERYTHING ~ instantly from my bedroom.


Designing specifically for someone, whether a card, or wedding invite, had a lot of meaning to me. Each custom or bespoke design would be different and so much fun to create. So once I started getting commissions and couples chose me to design and print their Save the Dates, Formal Invitations and Day~of stationery, I felt it was worth the time and effort and I started my latest love, Yellow Feathers.

31 ~ 01 ~ 2018     •     save the date

" I LOVE them!

thank you so much, everyone

loved the Save the Date!"


eleni & dean

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